About Me

I am The Different Duck.  Not my real name, though I kind of wish it were.  I am a thirty-something human being (of the female variety, if we're being precise) residing in the suburbs of London with my ultra enthusiastic two-year-old son Duckling and my globe-trotting husband Drake.

I sadly do not do as much globe-trotting as the hubby (more puddle-jumping, being a Mummy Duck) but I do work for an international charity and love a good obscure holiday destination.  Although Northern France is about as obscure as we get since Duckling came along.

Mostly I write about parenthood, as that is an inescapable preoccupation for anyone with kids, but I dip into other things as they pique my interest too.  And yes, I'm afraid I am one of those people who uses words such as "pique".  I am very sorry.

If you're looking for verbose ranting humourous analysis that tries to side step cliches (but no doubt blunders into them left, right and centre) with some occasional poetry thrown in, then you'll probably like my blog.  If you prefer haircare tips, cake pops and product reviews, you probably won't, sorry.  Feel free to follow me anyway though - the more the merrier.

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