Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Helpful Harry

This isn't based on personal experience at all, honest!
Harry was a helpful boy
He liked to fetch and carry
But every time that Harry helped
His Mummy cried "Oh Harry!"

"Oh Harry!" she would mutter
As he picked up her car keys
And wrapped them up in clingfilm
To live in the deep freeze

"Oh Harry!" she would shout
As he brightened up a wall
With a pot of poster paint
And a felt-tip scrawl

"Oh Harry!" she would grumble
As he opened the fridge door
And rearranged the carrots
On the kitchen floor

Visits from his relatives
Were the best chance to assist
He'd make sure that they all received
A helpful little gift

Pogo stick for Grandma
Trike for Uncle Barry
Roller skates for Bob the Dog
Still Mummy sighed "Oh Harry!"

Harry kept on helping though
He knew from Mummy's tone
That she was really happy
When he hid her mobile phone

And she really liked it
When her purse went in the sink
And when he found a ten pound note
And coloured it in pink

"Oh Harry, helpful little boy,"
His tired Mummy said,
"I think that you can help the best
By heading off to bed."

Night night Harry!

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