Wednesday, 6 January 2016

2015: a year of parenting in review

So, 2015 is over and I thought what better way to reflect on my achievements (ahem) over the past 12 months than to draw up a little review of the year using a pretty pie chart. With a breakout box! Check me out with my mad Excel skills.
Here is, more or less, how I spent my time last year (I have tried to use honest values, though a few may have been mildly exaggerated for comic effect):

Well, what a year! On reflection, I am surprised by the amount I apparently slept.  Less so by the amount of time I spent breastfeeding.  To be honest, the "boobs out" wedge actually overlaps with quite a lot of the others (sleeping, daydreaming, moaning to Mum... Not the working one though - apart from the time I failed to button my blouse back up after a pumping session).  My mad Excel skills aren't good enough to represent such overlaps in pictorial form though.  All helpful tips from fellow Excel geeks gratefully received so I can rectify this for next year.  Not that I'll still be breastfeeding by next year.  Probably not anyway.  Or hopefully not.  Christ, someone please tell me how to give up...!

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